is a video review and collaboration platform. Share video projects with your team and clients for fast feedback and approval.

Team Collaboration is a video review and collaboration platform. Share video projects with your team and clients for fast feedback and approval.
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Video creators often provide their services remotely, making it difficult to quickly get their work in front of collaborators and decisions makers. solves that problem with a web app that allows for quick and easy management of video assets, facilitates collaboration on edits, and offers integrations that push feedback right into the most popular video editing tools in the's tagline is "your command central for video," and it lives up to it: It's designed to help creative teams streamline the production process and work through communication to achieve a successful final product. Read MoreWhen you sign in for the first time, you'll answer questions about the size of your video team (even if it's just you), the type of company you work at, and your role. The answers to these questions will customize your experience with, so make sure you're accurate in your responses. You can get a nice tutorial by clicking on the 60 second cut.mp4 file in the Demo Project dashboard. Click the play button, and then try pausing on a frame to make some comments. Enter your comments using the field at the bottom, and then open the annotations tool by clicking on the paint brush icon with the color palette. Draw an arrow that points to an object you want tweaked, or use the drawing tools to outline a segment of the frame. Click Send to see your comment added to the sidebar, where your team can collaborate.Next, create your own project by clicking the + next to My Projects. You can name your project and tweak settings determining access permissions, email notifications, and Slack notifications. Easily drag a video file into the window, where it says Drop files and folders here. Then add your collaborators by clicking Project members. Type in the emails of your collaborators, and add a message to explain what you're doing. You can also get a URL to copy/paste for easy sharing. offers a number of useful native integrations—including some that will add feedback directly into Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro—making the service even more powerful for creative video professionals. For video professionals who collaborate on projects, both internally and with clients, is a powerful solution.


List Assets
Lists the Assets.
New Asset
Trigger when a new asset is uploaded.
Deleted Asset
Triggered when an asset is deleted.
Updated Asset Label
Triggers when an Asset's status label is updated.
New Comment
Triggers when a new Comment is left on an Asset.
Updated Comment
Triggers when a Comment is updated.
List Folders
List the Folders
New Project
Lists the Projects.
New Team
Lists the Teams.
Create Asset
Creates an Asset.
Update Asset
Updates an Asset.
Create Comment
Creates a Comment on an Asset.
Update Comment
Updates a Comment.
Find Asset
Find an Asset.
Find Comment
Find a Comment.
Find Project
Finds a Project.

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