Convo is an Enterprise Social Network that helps you have actionable work conversations and file collaboration.

Team Collaboration Convo
Convo is an Enterprise Social Network that helps you have actionable work conversations and file collaboration.
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Ever asked your team for feedback on a new design in your team chat app, only for your message to get lost among everything else that was being discussed? Maybe someone replied, but you never saw it since the feedback was sandwiched between a half dozen other mentions.Your team needs somewhere to chat, to talk in real time about what you're working on. It also needs somewhere for slower feedback, where ideas stick around and get feedback until they're turned into something finished. And that's what Convo's designed for.Read MoreConvo feels much like Facebook redesigned for your business. You'll see the My Feed page when you first sign in, with posts from your colleagues about the things they're working on. Like those posts, share your feedback in comments, or tag someone else who might know the answer—just as you would on Facebook when sharing ideas with your friends.Posts can be much more detailed than Facebook allows, though. You could just post a quick idea. Or add a title to your post and format the text with standard keyboard shortcuts like CMD or Ctrl + i for italics text. Drag in files you want feedback on, or paste a link to share it in your post. Want to share a quote from a great article you just read? Install Convo's Chrome extension then use it to highlight and share text directly from any site.The standard likes and replies are nice, but the most helpful thing is Convo's annotations. Click on any image your team shares in Convo, and you can add arrows, boxes, or highlights to mark up the file and add specific feedback about it. With the comments in the sidebar alongside the image, it's a great way to explain what you think and then see the next version of the work in the same place.Say you want that feedback just from your company's design team. You could have a public Design group where only members of that group (and anyone else in your company who joins the group) see your posts along with other design-focused posts from others in the team. Or you could have a private group with only those you invite—potentially even people from outside your company, perhaps a freelance designer who's helping out with the project. Either way, members can see each group's posts from their own tab, or they can see a combination of all their groups in the main My Feed group, much like your Facebook timeline filled with posts from people, pages, and groups you're a part of.Some things need more realtime feedback and can't wait for others to see them pop up in their feed. So Convo includes chat as well. Much like earlier versions of Facebook Messenger or the chat built into Gmail, Convo chat lets you have 1-on-1 conversations or group chats from small popovers on the side. It's a great way to talk about a problem in a chat that's not as permanent, with the main decisions and ideas being shared in Convo's more lasting group posts.If your team needs a bit more than just real-time chat, Convo's a great tool to consider. It'll help you stay up-to-date on what everyone's working on and give quick feedback about your team member's ideas without everything being lost in a constant conversation.Compare Convo to other popular team communication tools in Zapier's roundup of the Best Team Chat Apps


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Creates a new post in Convo. This action should ideally be used through Guided Zaps and should not be made directly.

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