MoonClerk lets anyone accept recurring payments and one-time payments quickly and easily without any coding.

Payment Processing MoonClerk
MoonClerk lets anyone accept recurring payments and one-time payments quickly and easily without any coding.
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Accepting payments shouldn't be so difficult. And yet, most payment options either leave you with the heavy lifting of coding your own checkout experience—or they take over the payment process entirely, giving you no way to accept payments without having customers leave your site.MoonClerk strikes a friendly balance between the two, with incredibly simple forms to accept payments either directly on MooonClerk or right inside your own site. It uses payment service Stripe to process your customer's payments—so you can accept payments from around the world with consistently low fees—but makes it so simple to use that you can start selling your products in minutes.Read MoreAll you need is a form, one that's even easier to build than your average form. In MoonClerk, click the Forms link in the top menu, and then create a new payment form for your product. Add a title, description, and sale price—with itemized prices for multiple products, suggested prices for pay-what-you-want sales and donations, and an optional one-time fee if you need to perhaps charge more for installation or setup. Then, you can set the payment to be one-time or a subscription, with detailed options for the exact subscription you want.With that done, you can add a confirmation message and email for MoonClerk to show to new customers, and add coupons, terms of service, and limited checkouts if this product is in limited quantities or is a short term special. You can also add extra fields with standard form options, to gather the customer's address, size, color preference, or anything else you want.Then, save your form, and you're ready to start accepting payments. You can share the form directly, for a quick way to make sales directly from social networks. Or, you can embed the form in your site for one of the quickest ways to add checkout to your site.There's only one thing left: making the form match your branding. For that, jump to the Themes tab in the top menu. There, you can make as many themes as you want. Each one can have a custom background color or image, logo, fonts from Google Fonts, and even custom CSS if you want to take the time to tweak the design even further. There's even an option to show or hide the form title, to make the checkout page blend into your site even better.Once sales start coming in, you'll want an easy way to gather data about your new customers. There's a Payments and Plans tab to see details about every customer and subscriber you have, along with the info they've entered in your forms' custom fields. Add some MoonClerk integrations, and you can save those form items to your CRM, spreadsheets, and more—or even print out shipping labels automatically using Google Cloud Print.Payments can be as simple as any other form, and MoonClerk gives you the tools to sell individual products or subscriptions in minutes. With no more effort than building a contact form, you can add a customized checkout experience to your site and start landing new customers immediately.Need forms for more than payments? Check out Zapier'sUltimate Guide to Forms and Surveysto learn how to build forms for anything you need.


New Recurring Plan
Triggers when a payer checks out and creates a Recurring Plan in MoonClerk.
New Form
Triggers when a new MoonClerk form has been created.
New Payment
Triggers when a payment has been made on MoonClerk.

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