Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing solution used by businesses to customize subscription billing workflows.

Payment Processing Chargebee
Chargebee is a subscription management and recurring billing solution used by businesses to customize subscription billing workflows.
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Payments sound simple, until you start thinking of all the small things you'll need to worry about. How will you offer custom discounts to some customers, or extend their trials, or charge different tax rates depending on where your customers live? What if people want to change their plan, or print out a copy of their invoice?Chargebee is a subscriptions management tool that's focused on making those smaller parts of subscription payments simple. It'll keep you and your customers happy—at least about the payment side of things—so you can focus on building the things you love.Read MoreChargebee doesn't directly process your payments—you'll still need a payment gateway for that—but it will automatically figure out how much each customer needs to pay, and let them pay with the payment system they like. You can accept direct ACH transfer payments—or even log cash and check payments—right alongside standard PayPal, Amazon Payments, credit card, and other payment options. And if you're not sure which system to use to process your payments, Chargebee's payment gateway evaluator will help you decide.Then, you'll need to list your products and get them ready for sale. From your product catalog, you can add plans, add-ons, and coupons—and even can build a one-time-use coupon set, to create them in bulk from a spreadsheet and hand them out to customers for one-off discounts. Product plans can be as detailed as you want, with a flat or per-unit fee; billing cycles by week, month, or year; and optional setup cost and trial as long as you'd like. There's even a hosted checkout page, which you can share with customers and sale your products without building your own website, if you'd like.If you'd like to use those hosted checkout pages by default, the Chargebee theme gallery will be just what you need. You can pick from a number of color-based themes, tweak fonts and wording, and make the checkout page feel like your own. Or, you can use its API to connect Chargebee to your own app, to process payments directly from your own site. Then, your customers can use it to choose their plan, add any add-ons, and even come back to change their plan in the future. And if you need to change pricing in the future, you can grandfather in existing subscribers while applying the new pricing to new subscriptions automatically.You'll also need to send receipts and invoices to your customers—along with reminder emails when their subscription is about to renew, or when their credit card has died. Chargebee includes options for each of these. You can customize the info on your invoices, add notes, and setup a workflow for dunning emails that will be automatically sent out on a schedule after payments fail. And, you can tweak your email templates, adding variables and custom design to make them fit your brand and feel personalized.There's more, too: dashboards that list your subscriptions, tools to dig in and see who's subscribed to what, and more. Chargebee includes everything you need to manage your subscriptions, make your customers feel at home, and figure out how you can save the most money with your payment processing.Take your transactional emails even further by learning everything you need to learn about email marketing in Zapier'sUltimate Guide to Email Marketingebook.


New Addon
Lists the addons.
Card Expiration
Triggers when a credit card expires.
Customer Details Updates
Triggers when customer details such as first name, last name, email, billing address, etc., are updated.
New Customer
Triggers when a customer is created.
New Invoice
Triggers when a new invoice is generated(with line item support).
Payment Failure
Triggers when a payment fails.
New Payment Method
Triggers when a payment method is added.
Payment Method Updates
Triggers when a payment method is updated.
New Payment
Triggers when a payment is collected successfully.
New Plan
Lists the plans.
Subscription Activation
Triggers when a subscription is changed from Trial or Future to Active state.
Subscription Cancellation Scheduled
Triggers when a subscription is scheduled for cancellation.
Subscription Cancellation
Triggers when a subscription is cancelled.
Subscription Details Updates
Triggers when subscription details such as custom fields, billing information, recurring items etc., are modified.
New Subscription
Triggers when a subscription is created.
Subscription Pause
Triggers when a subscription is paused.
Subscription Reactivation
Triggers when a subscription is moved from Cancelled state to Active/In Trial/Non Renewing/Future state.
Subscription Resumption
Triggers when a paused subscription is resumed.
Change Next Billing Date
Updates next billing date of a subscription.
Create Customer
Creates a new customer in Chargebee.
Create Subscription
Creates a new subscription along with the customer in Chargebee. This action does not support adding subscription to an existing customer.
Pause Subscription
Pauses a subscription in Chargebee.
Record Offline Payment for an Invoice
Records an offline payment for unpaid invoices.
Resume Subscription
Resumes a paused subscription in Chargebee.
Update Customer
Updates customer details in Chargebee.
Update Subscription
Updates a subscription in Chargebee.
Finds an Existing Customer
Lookup an existing customer.

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