Ticket Tailor is an easy way to sell tickets online for events and attractions. We don't charge any per-ticket fees, and we let you integrate the booking process in to your website.

Event Management Ticket Tailor
Ticket Tailor is an easy way to sell tickets online for events and attractions. We don't charge any per-ticket fees, and we let you integrate the booking process in to your website.
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The hardest part of running an event should be the event itself, not managing your attendees. And yet, if you're still sending out invitations by hand and logging RSVPs into a paper guest book, then checking people's names at the door, managing attendees might be more difficult than planning your keynote speech.You just need a simple way to let people reserve their place, pay for tickets, and checkin once at your event. That's what Ticket Tailor offers. It's a simple way to streamline your events.Read MoreTicket Tailor gives you a unique site with a buytickets.at/yourname link for each of your events. You could just share your Ticket Tailor page with potential attendees and let them book tickets there. Or, you can embed the page in your website, WordPress blog, or Facebook Page for a more custom design that fits your branding and lets your fans book tickets from the place they already get info about your events.You'll start out by customizing your "box office" design, choosing the colors that fit your brand and adding a logo image. Go ahead and add your PayPal or Stripe account for payments, too—that'll let you quickly sell tickets for your next event without worrying about handling cash.Then it's time to add an event. Add a name, venue name and postcode, times, and event description, along with a banner image for that event. Then, list your free and/or paid ticket types, with pricing and quantities available for each. Ticket Tailor doesn't charge any per-ticket fees, and you'll only need to pay the 2.9% + 30¢ payment processing fee for Stripe or PayPal—and you can a booking fee on your own if needed. You can even add specific times to tickets perhaps to add a cheaper "early bird" ticket, or only let people order a max number of tickets per time.With that done, you can launch your event, sharing the link with your followers or embedding it on your site. Your attendees will be able to grab the ticket type they want, pay through Ticket Tailor, and get an eTicket in their inbox minutes later. They can change their ticket online if they want—or otherwise, just keep it on their phone or in a printed copy until the event date.That's where Ticket Tailor's mobile apps come in. Install its iOS or Android apps on your team's devices—or get a USB barcode scanner for a checkin computer—and you can scan each attendee's ticket and sign them in. It's an easy and cost effective way to manage your attendees, without any expensive or complicated new equipment.Running an event is hard enough. Ticket Tailor manages the attendee side of things, so you can worry more about pulling off a great event instead of trying to make sure you don't accidentally overbook your venue.


New Attendee
Triggers when a new attendee is created.
New Ticket Order
Triggers when a new order for tickets is created.

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