Writer is a powerful word processor made for collaborative work.

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Writer is a powerful word processor made for collaborative work.
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Writing doesn't require fancy apps. All you need to turn your thoughts into prose is a blank document in any text editor or word processor. App features come in once you're done writing. You need to revise your prose, turn it into a formatted document, and perhaps work with a team to complete it. And instead of pressing Print, today you'll likely send the document off to be digitally signed, or publish it on your blog.Zoho Writer is a newly redesigned word processor built for today's document workflows. It's designed to help you take ideas to finished, signed documents all from one app.Read MoreIt starts with ideas. Add Zoho Writer's clipper extension to your browser, and whenever you come across something you want to write about, you can select it and save it as a new document. Or, when you're ready to write, you can open an existing document or start a new one from that extension's menu. Have a Word document you need to edit? You can import it with most features—including formatting and comments—working in Zoho Writer as they would in Microsoft Word.Then it's time to write. Zoho Writer's editing tools are in a sidebar on the left, with tools on the top of the page to let you switch between compose, review, and distribute modes. Want to focus on your writing? Click the X button in the top left corner to hide the formatting toolbar and focus on your document. You can still add formatting as you need it—select text, and a small formatting pane will open near the text so you can add switch fonts or colors, add links and lists, and more. Or, click the small + button that shows on the left side of your document as you're writing to insert new sections.Working on something with a team? You can invite everyone to help you edit in Zoho Writer, with up to 25 editors in a free Zoho Writer account, or even with public documents that anyone online can help you edit with a paid account. You can track changes, roll back to previous versions, and review comments in a dedicated sidebar when you're in the Review mode. You can even wait to run spellcheck until you're reviewing your document to help you focus on content while writing and then polish things up with your team. And if you need to talk while you're working, Zoho's chat lives in the lower left corner so you can keep team conversations going without leaving your document.The first word processors were designed with printing in mind. If you opened Word on an early Macintosh, you'd likely write a document then print it and perhaps mail it to your recipient. That's hardly how most documents are shared today. Zoho Writer still includes the formatting tools you'd need to print documents, but it's Distribute mode is focused on modern document sharing. You can add mail merge fields to documents to, say, customize letters with recipient names and addresses based on a spreadsheet. You can publish the document to your blog with Zoho Writer's WordPress integration. Or, you can request digital signatures with its built-in Zoho Sign, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and SignEasy integrations. Zoho Writer pulls many of the best features from focused writing apps together with the traditional word processor tools and newer options to publish your writing. It's built for teams—and is still great to use on your own, with a free demo you can use without even signing up. If you're tired of switching between focused writing apps, document collaboraiton tools, signature apps, and blog editors, Zoho Writer's modern take on a word processor might be just what you need.See how Zoho Writer compares to the latest versions of Microsoft Word and Google Docs in our roundup of the best apps for collaborative writing.


Published Document
Triggers when document is published to the web.
Favourite Document
Triggers when the document is marked as favourite.
New Document
Triggers when a new document has been created.
Get Folders
Get Folders.
Get Merge Fields
Get Merge Fields for a document.
New Template
Triggers when a new template is created.
New Document Moved to Folder
Triggers when document moved to folder.
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Create Document
Creates a new document from text.
Merge a Template and Download It
Merges a template with data from a source and downloads it.
Merge a Template and Send Email
Merges a template with data from a source and send mail.
Merge a Document and Send via Webhook
Merges a document with data from a source and sends it via a Webhook.
Upload Document
Uploads a document file.

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