Wishpond is a lead generation and marketing automation platform that helps customers to manage and nurture their leads.

Website Builders Wishpond
Wishpond is a lead generation and marketing automation platform that helps customers to manage and nurture their leads.
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Whether you're building a landing page or adding a contest to your site, chances are you're after the same thing: leads. You need new people to see your business, learn about your products, and turn into a new customer. All you need is a way to get their attention so they'll give you their contact info—and then you can stay in touch with drip marketing that reminds them about your products over time.Wishpond gives you all the tools you need to grab leads' attention in one app. Instead of just being a landing page builder, it includes all the lead gathering tools you need: landing pages, forms, contexts, social promotions, and website pop-overs. You can create the marketing tools you need, and gather leads from them all into Wishpond's contact database—where you can then automatically send them drip emails wish Wishpond's marketing automation.Read MoreIt starts with your lead gen tool, the landing page or form that new leads will see and fill out. Decide how you want to market your product, then add a new page, form, context, or pop-over to Wishpond. You'll get a drag-and-drop editor for each, with built-in templates to make your pages and forms work the way you want. And if you can't figure out how to customize something, the Tutorials menu at the top includes videos on how to add and tweak almost everything in your landing pages and more.Landing pages are straightforward: they're individual sites that have your custom domain or a wishpond.com one, with a form to gather info from leads. Forms can be shared on their own, embedded in a Facebook page, or shared directly from Wishpond—with the form fields you need including file uploads and hidden fields. Pop-overs live on your own site, popping up when people first visit or go to leave your site, click or scroll to a specific spot, or after a specific time—and can show the same customized forms.Contests are where it gets fun. Wishpond includes 10 different contest apps, including a poll, essay, referral, coupon, or even a photo or video contest. Most are centered around social networks: you get your visitors to share a photo or video on social networks, like or Tweet your page, and that enters them into your contest. Wishpond can even make an auto-generated landing page for your contest entries, where people can vote on their favorites and help your page go viral.Then, it's time to do something with the leads you've gathered. Wishpond shows each lead gen tool's performance metrics on your dashboard whenever you login, and you can see every lead they've gathered in the Leads tab. There you'll see a list of all of your leads, along with details about their interactions with each of your lead gen tools and any marketing outreaches you've sent to them.Switch to the Automations tab, and you can start automatically marketing to those leads and any new ones your forms and landing pages bring in. You can send customized drip emails to leads based on the landing page or other lead gen tool they interacted with, add delays so you don't overboard them, sort them into lists, score leads based on their interactions, and more. You could send a discount code to your most promising leads, say, to turn them into customers. And you can customize each email with the data you've gathered in forms to make them feel as personal as possible.No matter how you plan to get people's attention today, Wishpond has the tools you need for that and for tomorrow's marketing campaign. It's one app that can keep your team promoting your products in the way that makes sense, with the same drip emails and automations onboarding each new lead without any extra work on your part.Wishpond Resources:Get help with Wishpond's documentation and knowledge base.Want to use Wishpond's developer tools? Check out the Wishpond API documentation to integrate it with your apps, or use Zapier's Wishpond integrations to integrate with 500+ apps without any coding.Find out how to build anything you want in Wishpond with Wishpond Academy.Become a marketing expert with Wishpond's free eBooks.Learn basic HTML and CSS skills to customize your Wishpond landing pages.Learn everything you need to know about drip marketing to get the most out of Wishpond's email tools.


Get all leads
Get all leads from your Wishpond account.
Get All Lists
Get all list names and settings from your Wishpond account.
New Lead
Triggers when a new lead is created.
New Event on Lead
Triggers when a chosen lead performs an event or activity.
New Lead on List
Triggers when a new lead is added to a chosen list.
New List
Triggers when a new list is created.
Add Lead Properties
Add properties to a lead.
Add Lead to List
Add an existing lead to a chosen list.
Create Lead
Creates a new lead.
Create List
Creates a new list.
Delete Lead
Deletes a specific lead permanently.
Delete List
Deletes a list from your Wishpond database.
Add Attributes to User
Add attributes to a chosen user.
Add/Remove Lead To/From List (Legacy)
Add or remove a lead to/from a chosen list of your Wishpond account.
Remove Lead from List
Remove a lead from a chosen list.
Add Events to User
Add events (activities) to chosen user.
Add Lead Properties (Legacy)
Add properties to a lead.

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