Lander is a powerful online tool that lets you create beautiful Landing Pages with an easy step-by-step process. Build pages for your PPC campaigns, Social Media, Email Marketing, A/B Test them, and more in a quick and simple way!

Website Builders Lander
Lander is a powerful online tool that lets you create beautiful Landing Pages with an easy step-by-step process. Build pages for your PPC campaigns, Social Media, Email Marketing, A/B Test them, and more in a quick and simple way!
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You’ve decided to launch a product to bring in leads and increase sales. You’re at the edge of your seat searching for the right marketing materials to run your launch, specifically a landing page that can turn interested viewers into paying customers. You soon realize that building a landing page that blends with your brand can be a difficult and time-consuming task. At some point, you find yourself stuck at the design phase, trying to remember your CSS and HTML, when all of that effort could’ve been spent on your launch.Lander is a landing page creator designed to close this gap by taking the guesswork out of building a well-designed landing page. With drag-and-drop capabilities and ready-to-use templates within reach, it’s easy to publish a working landing page in minutes. This in turn puts you back on track by giving you plenty of time and creative energy to focus on what’s most important. Read MoreA quick tour around Lander shows how flexibility is its strong selling point. No matter what industry you belong to or what campaign you intend to launch, Lander has the tools to help you create a beautiful yet functional landing page that converts. There are templates for products and services, webinars and online conferences, eCommerce, portfolios, and coming soon pages. Simply pick the format that fits your needs, and Lander will take you to the drag-and-drop editor where you can pick and drop elements of your landing page. These include text, images, video, and audio that communicate your message to your potential customers. Of course, if you’re looking to gain more control with your landing page’s design, you can customize in HTML by visiting the Advanced tools section. The team behind Lander has also gone as far as to accept requests from customers who’d like a professional template made just for them. While this can take time and money, it’s an interesting option to consider if you have specific needs that Lander’s existing templates can’t meet. Integrations are a must-have if you use a variety of marketing tools for different aspects of your campaign. They’re also a great productivity boost, since they allow you to automate activities that could be using up your time. Lander integrates with popular email marketing, CRM, and analytics services to grow your audience and make sound business decisions. Some of these integrations include Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more via Zapier. Apart from design are page properties you can manipulate and goals you can set to give you clear and concrete feedback about your landing page’s performance. Moreover, the dashboard displays statistics related to your campaigns, such as conversion rates, leads, link tracking, and A/B testing for when you’d like to compare two versions of your landing page. You can use these data to tweak your landing pages for better conversions, improve your landing page copy, and experiment design changes to see what clicks with your target market. Once you’ve nailed down your landing page design, copy, and analytics, hit Publish to go live. Anyone with access to your landing page can interact with it, whether it’s playing a video, reading the copy, or entering their email address to sign up. And if you’ve set up goals for your page, Lander will be able to track the number of interactions it receives, whether that’s a link or a video. Finally, you can add a custom domain that is memorable and that matches your brand, giving it a more professional look. Take note though that custom domains are a premium feature.Overall, Lander is an easy way to create landing pages that not only appeals to visitors, but converts them into actual paying customers. It also comes with comprehensive analytics to give you the data you need to increase conversions and sales. If you’re looking for a landing page builder that takes care of both design and data, Lander’s a good place to start.


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Lander sends data to Zapier when a form has been submitted in your landing pages.

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