Accelo manages all your client work in one place, making your business more profitable and you less stressed.

Project Management Accelo
Accelo manages all your client work in one place, making your business more profitable and you less stressed.
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To run a professional service business, you will not only need to manage your CRM contacts, but also need to deal with client requests, track tasks, time, and expenses, collaborate with your team, and provide ongoing services. There are tools helping companies to run each of those part. Without integrating them and creating business processes of your own, however, your business will be forever hindered by poor efficiency.Accelo is an app designed to solve that problem. It manages customers, sales, projects, services, and billing in one place. You can automate critical tasks to create your business processes, and focus more on the important things that’s crucial to your growth. Accelo offers 4 different apps—CRM, Service, Project, Retainers—in one. You can sign up and use the apps individually, perhaps choosing only a CRM if that's all you need. Or, you can choose their integrated PSA platform for all of the apps in one place, the best way to keep your teamwork on track.Read MoreAccelo has a centralized team inbox that every team member can access. It automatically tracks and syncs client-related emails, attachments, notes, support tickets, and appointments to keep your entire team informed, preventing trip-ups, forgotten emails or doubling up that will harm your credibility with your clients. You can create your workflow with templates and automation processes. Accelo can automatically send templated emails and track your communication with clients to update CRM status, so you will never need to manually update your CRM records again. It also allows you to configure key steps or milestones to stay in line with your workflow, so you will be notified and prompted to update fields, enter information, or automatically send out alerts to other members of your team as the project progresses.Accelo's project management platform combines project planning, tracking, and collaboration—everything you need for client work. You can assign works, track progress, and see budgets as well as profitability in real time. It has a drag & drop interface that you can plan your projects, reorder and reassign your tasks, and manage your team members, resources, and time. To keep everything organized, you can integrate with your Google, Exchange/Outlook, or Office 365 account and sync every updates. As for your clients, Accelo provides a client portal so they can access their projects, contracts, services, and accounts. Your clients can track projects and progress, make issue requests, approve project proposals, and provide feedbacks for any ongoing tasks. The client portal is an easy way to manage projects and improve relationship with your clients because of a the transparent working environment.Getting new customer is important. Keeping an existing one happy is more vital for your success. Accelo allows you to make flexible contract for your clients, including pre-paid, post-paid, and fixed price options, and you can setup automatic triggers to manage your invoicing cycle more efficiently. You are able to generate an invoice for the time spent on an issue then get paid for the hours spent using the time-tracking feature. Also, every team member can report the time they spent working on certain projects, and you can track their progress to make sure everything is on track and will get paid for what have been done. Besides, you can setup automated billing triggers to automatically send notification to your clients if an invoice isn’t paid on time. And when your finance info comes in, Accelo is designed to push invoice information to your primary accounting platform, including QuickBooks and Xero, so you don't have to copy invoice info over to your accounting apps.By combining automation with client requests, ticket tracking, time and expense logging, and integrated billing, Accelo allows you to keep everything on track and eliminate administrative burdens that will distract you from doing what’s best for your clients. If you are a service company looking for an integrated platform that helps you with the complete sales and CRM cycle, give Accelo a try.Accelo Resources:Learn how to use Accelo with step-by-step videos.Need help? Check Accelo support and documentation to find anything you need.Become a project management expert with Zapier's Ultimate Guide to Project Management book.


Task Assigned (Legacy)
Triggers when a task is assigned.
Task Assigned
Triggers when a task is assigned.
New Request
Triggers when a new request is created.
Find Request Type
Read request types.
Find Sale Type
Read sale types.
Find Staff
Read staff.
Test Trigger
Triggers a test authenticated request.
Request Status Changed
Triggers when a requests status changes.
Create/Update Contact
Creates a new contact or updates a contact if it already exists.
Create Request
Creates a new request. If the request's contact does not exist, a new one will be created for you.
Create Sale
Creates a new sale. If the sale's contact does not exist, a new one will be created for you.
Create Timer
Starts a new timer.
Pause Timers
Pauses any active timers.
Lookup Webhook Resource
Lookup a webhook's resource.

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