Hiver is a tool that turns your Gmail into a simple, powerful collaboration tool.

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Hiver is a tool that turns your Gmail into a simple, powerful collaboration tool.
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When you first build a new product or company, odds are you can handle support by yourself. You've already got an email app that works—so just forward into your inbox and reply to support messages along with everything else. Same goes for your press@ and hiring@ inboxes. You might want a new email address to keep things organized, but you might as well reply from the same place.Only, that doesn't work so well after a while. After a while, you'll have more emails to answer than you can handle—but you don't want to let your entire support team log into your personal Gmail or G Suite account.Read MoreHiver's the next best thing. It's a shared inbox built into Gmail, so you can use the same email tools you use for everything else when working in shared support, marketing, press, and other team email inboxes.You'll start by adding a shared email account. Hiver supports adding full email accounts (say a full G Suite account), aliases (an email address where every email is automatically forwarded to your normal email inbox), or groups (using Google Groups for basic shared emails that are sent to everyone in the group). Add the email address to Hiver, and it'll add a new inbox for that account to your Gmail sidebar after making sure it can receive the emails that come to that address. And, add everyone on your team who needs to share that email account.Then, when a new message comes to that email address, Hiver will automatically add it to your Hiver section of Gmail and share it with everyone else on your team. You can open, read, and reply to the email just as you normally would in Gmail. Only this time, it's part of your team. There's a Hiver sidebar where you can add notes about the conversation for your team, and collusion avoidance tools to make sure you and a colleague don't reply to the same person at the same time. Once you've replied, the reply will sync to everyone's accounts—and if you archive the email, it's archived in your colleague's Hiver inbox, too.Hiver can do the same with labels. Say you get those support or marketing emails in your personal email account, and usually tag them with #team. Share that label in Hiver, and all of those emails will get shared with your team, along with any new ones you and your team tag with that shared label.Hiver has a few extra tricks up its sleeve, too. It can snooze emails, hiding them from your inbox until you need to reply to them, or scheduling new emails to be sent later so you can write messages ahead of time. And, it includes shared templates with form fields to quickly tab through and fill out standard email replies you and your team need to send.If your team already uses Gmail or G Suite for your personal and work email, Hiver lets you use those very same tools for you group emails. Instead of needing an entirely new team inbox for support messages and more, you can just share and collaborate on those emails right inside Gmail without having to switch apps or learn how to use a new tool.


New Email Assignment
Triggers when email assigned in Shared Mailbox.
New User Mention in Shared Notes
Triggers when a user is mentioned in a note.
New Shared Note
Triggers when a new note is written in Hiver.
New Email in Shared Label
Triggers when an email is added to Shared Label.
New Email in Shared Mailbox
Triggers when a new email enters a Shared Mailbox.
SF List
Gives the list of sfs.
Get SM List
Gets the SM List for UserGroup.
Test Trigger
This is a test trigger to test the hiver services.

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