SendPulse is an Integrated messaging platform providing user communication on all devices with Emails, SMS, Web Push, SMTP and more.

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SendPulse is an Integrated messaging platform providing user communication on all devices with Emails, SMS, Web Push, SMTP and more.
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Email is not enough. Neither is SMS, or push notificaitons. For many businesses, you need to use every messaging option opssible. And typically, that means using different services to send each type of message, which is expensive and confusing at best. This is where SendPulse comes in.SendPulse is a marketing app for people with communication needs that are more complex than just an email newsletter app like MailChimp might allow. With SendPulse, you can send emails and text messages on the same platform. You can segment your audience, create A/B tests, and do everything else you’re used to with market leaders like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor—but you’re able to integrate your entire system with SendPulse.Read MoreSendPulse is easy set up, and free to start. Create an account and tell SendPulse what you plan on doing with it. SendPulse will guide you through getting your first campaign out the door.I signed up for SendPulse and said I wanted to use it for sending an email newsletter. I typically use MailChimp to do this multiple times a week for a variety of different businesses, and gave SendPulse a shot at the same task.I started by uploading my contacts list, which was as easy as importing a CSV and appropriately labelling each column. You can add new variables for segmentation, or just do a data dump. (If you’re on a paid account, SendPulse will even take care of this part for you.)From there, you can create your first email newsletter. In a matter of minutes, I was able to re-create the same newsletter I sent via MailChimp this morning.SendPulse differentiates itself a little bit during this process, though. It makes all of its automation and A/B testing powers visible throughout the newsletter creation process, so it’s easy to test a multitude of different headlines and see what works (and what doesn’t). It’s also easy to set up different headlines. All you do is choose the variable from your list, and create a series of if/else statements based on it. In other words, your A/B test would look like this:if Variable “sign-up date” is after September 20th, then the headline says “Your first newsletter from Digital Agency ACME CO”Otherwise, the headline says “How to Create a Content Strategy, Part 2”A/B testing lets you take all this a little bit further, using variables to adjust the content of the newsletter itself—exactly as you’d expect.What separates SendPulse from other apps, though, is its ability to integrate your email list with the rest of your digital communications.Let’s say you run a global eCommerce store. In some regions of the world, you know that email is not frequently checked. It wouldn’t be ideal to send an email about a flash sale to your African customers, for example, but you may want to send them to your customers in the United States.You’ll create two campaigns: one campaign will go out via email, and another will be sent via SMS.Using segmentation, you’ll send your beautiful email newsletter out to anybody who’s purchased a product before with an American address. You’d send it just like you would any other email campaign, but you would use segmentation instead of sending the email to your entire list. After that’s done, you would set up an SMS campaign with SendPulse. Sending an SMS campaign isn’t very different from sending an email newsletter; in fact, they look nearly identical in the interface.You would even segment your SMS campaign similarly, sending it only to people from specific countries you know would prefer to receive text messages (like Mozambique, for example). You’d write your short text message with the URL to a flash sale, and schedule it for the appropriate time.Finally, you could do one last bit of magic. You may have noticed some websites ask if they can send you notifications while you’re on your desktop. SendPulse gives you access to those, too. If you’ve enabled them (which is as easy as copying and pasting a line of code to your website), you’ll be able to notify your customers of the new sale while they’re sitting at their desktop.With these push notifications (labelled as “push” in the interface), you’ll be able to round up a third segment of customers you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to with traditional email software—and you can do it all from one contacts list.There are a lot of advantages to using SendPulse instead of using multiple solutions, but the most obvious one is the fact that there’s a single source of truth in SendPulse. Instead of having your contacts lists in multiple different web apps, SendPulse lets you store it in one place.If you’re in an organization that needs to send out email campaigns, SMS messages, and/or web push notifications to your customers, you only need to know one thing about SendPulse: it delivers.


New Addressbook
Triggers when new Addressbook is created.
New Subscriber
Triggers when a new subscriber is created.
New Unsubscriber
Triggers when a current subscriber unsubscribes from a list.
Test Trigger (Addressbooks)
Test trigger.
Updated Subscriber
Triggers when subscriber is updated.
Add Subscriber
Add a new subscriber to a list.
Unsubscribe User
Unsubscribe an email address from a list.
Update Subscriber
Updates a subscriber on a list.

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