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Easy to use email list cleaning service to improve delivery success rate.

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Easy to use email list cleaning service to improve delivery success rate.
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You've made the perfect new landing page, are ready to promote your next product, and want a quick way to get in touch with everyone who's interested in your product launch. Perhaps you're offering some bonus—a coupon or eBook—if people enter their email address, and you're hoping that'll give you a large email list of people interested in your products.With any luck, you'll get a large email list—but it may or may not be filled with valid email addresses. Odds are, you'll get people who enter a fake or temporary email address just to get your free coupon or downloadable, along with others who'll forget to include the @ symbol in their email address or who mistype Each of those broken email addresses don't add any value to your email list—and they'll actually cost you money each month as most email newsletter apps charge per number of subscribers. They'll also raise your email bounce rate, something that can get your domain flagged as spam.Read MoreThat's why you should validate the email addresses on your list, something MailboxValidator makes simple. It takes your email list, makes sure each email is valid on a number of levels, and gives you a detailed support. With its API and email verification integrations, you can even automatically check new email addresses before adding them to your email list.It's simple to use. If you only need to check an individual email address, you can enter it in the text box—or try MailboxValidator's free demo to check one address at a time. It'll check to see if the email has the correct syntax and if it has a valid domain. Then, it'll see if the email is disposable, suppressed (aka if it's in a Do Not Mail list that MailboxValidator maintains), in a role (to catch emails such as support@ that go to a group inbox and are likely not read), or if it contains high risk keywords that mean it's less likely to be a legit email address. You can decide which variables matter for your list, perhaps adding all email addresses that have correct syntax and a valid domain, or only adding the email addresses that nearly certain to belong to real readers.Checking emails one-by-one is tedious, so MailboxValidator includes two other options. You can upload a .CSV spreadsheet file with email addresses for MailboxValidator to check—and it'll detect which column contains email addresses automatically, so you can check almost any exported email list. You can then look through the results in a table, sorting the tests by true and false to find the good emails you want to keep or the bad ones you need to remove.Or, you can automatically scan emails with MailboxValidator's API or integrations. Using the MailboxValidator Zapier integrations, for instance, you could connect your signup form directly to MailboxValidator, and only add the email addresses to your email newsletter if it says the address is valid. That way, you'll build a valid list while growing your brand, without any extra work.Best of all, MailboxValidator's pricing is designed to work the way you need. You can purchase credits to scan emails, perhaps more the first month when you check your core email list that you've already built, and then less for subsequent months as you're simply checking new addresses that are added over time. You'll make sure your bounce rate is as low as possible, and be able to save money on your email newsletter or drip mail app as you'll only be sending messages to real email addresses that'll really get read.MailboxValidator Resources:Get help with MailboxValidtor's FAQs and support.Try out MailboxValidator's free demo version to check individual addresses.Need an email newsletter list to use with your newly validated email addresses? Here's the best email newsletter apps you could use.


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