Grow your business with smart, stylish email marketing campaigns from Emma.

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Grow your business with smart, stylish email marketing campaigns from Emma.
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Your emails are important. Emma thinks so. That’s why it’s both an app for sending emails and a service to make sure your emails look and sound great. Instead of needing to hire an intern to write new email copy and paying a design firm to make an email template, and then finding the perfect app to send your emails, you can use Emma to do all of that in one place.Emma’s email app is known for its simplicity, with a straightforward focus on your emails. You’ll see your recent email campaigns on your dashboard, and can jump right in to making a new campaign. There, you’ll be able to pick from one of your own email templates, upload your custom-made design (if you already hired that design firm), or pick from one of Emma’s mobile-ready templates. Along with beautiful templates for almost any style of email, you’ll find collections of templates for special occasions, welcome and thank you messages, invitations and more.Read MorePick the perfect design, and you’ll get to see Emma’s message editor. You can drag-and-drop in sections for text, images, videos, social links, and more, then add in your own text and content. For images, you can store your brand assets inside Emma to reuse easily, import pictures on the fly from Flickr and Facebook, or purchase stock photos right inside your email editor. Then, just choose your audience from lists or segments, and your email’s ready to go out to the world.That brings us to your audience in Emma, where you’ll keep up with your contacts and split them into lists and segments. Lists are a great way to manage fully separate groups of contacts—those from particular signup forms or that are interested in different products you offer. Segments, on the other hand, let you target people based on whether or not they opened emails, when they joined your list, and more.Segments are a great way to send newsletters to the right people, but they’re especially good for Emma’s automation features. You can pick a segment, drag in emails that you’ve already made, and have them sent automatically to people who meet certain criteria. That’s a great way to put those holiday and event email templates to work for you; make a drip that emails everyone on their birthday, or that sends a coupon on holidays, and you’ll be doing more marketing in less time.Designing a beautifully handcrafted email template or writing a series of brilliant drip emails takes a lot of time, though. If you’re strapped for time, Emma’s team is ready to help you. Their concierge services offer everything from mobile email template designs to performance consultation to make sure your emails look great and get delivered to your contacts.There’s more, too. Emma includes a signup form and poll tool, along with integrations with apps like Salesforce, Shopify and social networks, so you can easily add new contacts to your list. And, it includes helpful pointers to help you get started with the app, along with A/B testing tools and detailed reports with a dedicated stats app for your phone so you’ll know how your emails are performing.It’s priced a bit higher than the average email app, but for that Emma offers a more polished email experience that makes it easy to make your email marketing smarter. It’s a great choice if you want one of the simplest ways to send beautiful emails to just the right people, at just the right time.


New Field
Triggers when a new member field is created
Field Delete
Triggers when a field is deleted
Field Update
Triggers when a field is updated
Get signup forms
A utility to get signup forms for dynamic dropdown in "create subscriber (member_add)"
New Group
Triggers when a new member group is created
Group Delete
Triggers when a group is deleted
Group Update
Triggers when a group is updated
Mailing Finish
Triggers when a mailing is finished
New Subscriber
Triggers when a new subscriber is added
Member Add to Group
Triggers when a member is added to a group
Member Delete
Triggers when a member is deleted
Member Remove from Group
Triggers when a member is removed from a group
Member Status Update
Triggers when a member's status is updated
Member Update
Triggers when a member is updated
Message Click
Triggers when a message is clicked
Message Forward
Triggers when a message is forwarded
Message Open
Triggers when a message is opened
Message Share
Triggers when a member shares a message
Message Share Click
Triggers when a member shares a link to a message and someone clicks on it
New Unsubscriber
Triggers when a subscriber opts-out
New Verify Credentials
Just a utility trigger to verify credentials
Create Event
Creates an event that can be used to trigger an automated workflow
Create Group
This adds a new group to Emma
Create Subscriber
This adds a new contact to Emma

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