A cheaper way to send your email marketing campaigns.

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A cheaper way to send your email marketing campaigns.
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EmailOctopus is a more cost-effective way to send your email marketing campaigns. EmailOctopus helps you build email lists, create targeted campaigns, and design beautiful emails that inspire action—so your email blasts are better than ever.With Zapier, it’s easy to manage your email subscribers in EmailOctopus, no matter where they're coming from. For example, you can add new subscribers to EmailOctopus when events happen in other apps you use most, like when someone makes a new purchase in your eCommerce app. Read MoreYou can also use a Zap to organize these subscribers into specific lists, so that subscribers who make a purchase receive different emails than those who filled out your Contact Us form. And it's equally as easy to remove subscribers from lists with Zapier, without logging in to EmailOctopus and manually searching for them.EmailOctopus is a great email marketing tool for businesses that need to send nice-looking emails but don't have the time to figure out a complex email program. The app makes it simple to manage subscribers that come in through a variety of channels, sort them into specific lists, and remove them when necessary. With these features, Email Octopus delivers—literally.


Get All Lists
Triggers dynamic dropdown, getting all subscriber lists and details, including Name, Identifier and Created Date.
Add Subscriber (Legacy)
Adds a new subscriber to a list.
Add Subscriber
Adds a new subscriber to a list.
Unsubscribe Email
Unsubscribes an email address from a list.

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