Drift is a messaging app that makes it easy for businesses to talk to their website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere.

Customer Support Drift
Drift is a messaging app that makes it easy for businesses to talk to their website visitors and customers in real-time, from anywhere.
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Your best customers might be visiting your site right now, looking for support documentation to solve their issue. If you don't solve their problem now, they'll quit using your product. Help them, though, and they'll like your product more than ever.Or, perhaps it's a potential customer that's visited your pricing page a few times, trying to decide if they're ready to buy. Maybe it's a mobile user who wonders if your app will work from their phone, too.Read MoreDrift lets you answer all of those people's questions, right from your website or app. With a tiny popover, customers can start a live chat conversation with your team about their issues—or you can get in touch proactively with info targeted to their needs.You'll start out by adding Drift's embed code to your site, which works with everything from self-hosted sites to Shopify stores, Squarespace blogs, and more. That's enough to let your customers get in touch with live-chat. They can tap the Drift icon on your site, enter their message—or if you're out of office, they can add their email address and get the response via email later.Want to route the message to the right team? The built-in Driftbot can start conversations by asking if the customer needs help from support, sales, or another team member. Once they reply, it'll send that chat message to the correct team to save you time. Or, if no one on your team has time to reply, it can apologize for you and ask for the user's email address so you can reply later over email.That'll get you started solving problems over chat, but Drift can do more. Inside your Drift account, the Campaigns page lets you make surveys and announcements that'll show up in the Drift chat on the bottom of your site. Say you want to let people know about your holiday sale. Just write a quick message, and Drift can have it show on every page in your site. You could use the same tool to ask people what they think of your product with a quick survey, or to ask people for their email address to send out email newsletters.Or, you could make more detailed popovers that are targeted to specific users. Say you want to offer a coupon code to people who visit your pricing page 5 times—an indicator that they want to buy, but aren't sure if they want to pay that much. You could add a Drift campaign with a condition that watches that page for visits, and then shows the message after the 5th visit. In the same way, you could offer to help users who have your app's settings page open for more than 2 minutes, or share a link to your mobile app when people visit your site from a mobile device.Perhaps in-app and in-site messages aren't enough, and you want to reach back out to people later. Email is the best way to do that, and Drift can send those messages for you too. It can use your same segments to find contacts who need a message—perhaps users who have chatted with your team in the past and visited the support page recently—and send them an automated email message. Or, you could just use it to share your product updates with people who haven't visited your site in a while.Either way, whether you're sharing announcements, proactively helping users, or just giving people a quick way to get in touch, Drift can handle it all. It's a simple tool to add live chat to your site, and do more with it. You'll spend a bit more time helping customers in real-time, while saving time you'd otherwise waste in back-and-forth emails while trying to figure out what went wrong.Drift ResourcesGet started quickly with the Drift Guide.Add Drift to your website and solve any issues with the Drift Documentation.Learn how to cut down on your customer support load by proactively helping customers.Struggling to answer your customers' questions? Here's how to answer the 7 most difficult customer support challenges.


Conversation Closed
Triggers when a conversation is closed.
Conversation Pushed
Triggers when a conversation is ready for consumption by third-party systems. This can occur in the following situations: - A conversation has not been active for a specified period of time (customizable by each organization) - A conversation had its status changed to 'closed' - A conversation was manually push to third-parties by a user.
New Lead
Triggers when an email address is collected from a lead.
New Conversation
Triggers when a conversation is started.
New Message
Triggers each time a new message in a conversation is received.
New NPS Response
Triggers when one of your NPS campaigns has a new response from a contact.
New Contact
Triggers when a new contact is created through drift.identify. Unless specified by the Drift team, use the "new lead" trigger.
User Reached Goal
Triggers when a User has hit a goal within a playbook.
User Reached Goal With Lead Stage
Triggers when a User reaches a Goal with a specific Lead Stage.
Create or Update Contact From External
Creates or updates a contact.
Log Event for Contact
Logs an event for a contact.
Update Known Contact
Updates an existing contact.
Find User by Anonymous Id
Lookup data for an existing user by their anonymous id.
Find User by End User Id
Lookup User information by their end user id.

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